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Snake.... Yum

I love gospel rap! I went to a Tedashi concert in Kilgore, Texas not too long ago and he shared this story that has been ringing in my spirit. I've been sharing it with my friends, and tonight God would not let me go to bed before I shared it with you. This story is True. There was this little girl who was about 12 years old. For her 12th birthday her parents got her a pet snake. Each night before bed she would feed her snake. After she fed him she and her snake would get into bed and he would curl up beside her on her pillow. (Isn't that cute? sarcasm) This was the little girl's same routine every night. She would feed her snake then she'd put him in bed with her and he'd curl up beside her on her pillow and go to sleep. This was until one night when her snake wouldn't eat the dinner. She tried to feed him different things thinking maybe he had gotten tired of his food. Nothing worked and so she decided to go to bed. When she got into bed she noticed that her snake no longer curled up beside her. Instead, he stretched out straight and slept beside her longways. This continued night after night. She would try to feed her snake, he wouldn't eat. She would get in bed beside her and he'd sleep straight beside her. Finally, she became worried and went and told a veternarian what was going on. After she told the veternarian, he said, "Ok. Let me get this straight. At night when you get ready for bed, your snake has stopped eating and started sleeping straight up and down beside you instead of being curled up." She replied, "Yes." "Go home," he said, "Go home and kill your snake. Tonight. Don't sleep another night beside that snake." He said, " The reason why your snake won't eat is because he is starving himself, and the reason why he is sleeping longways beside you is because he is measuring himself up against you. Your pet snake believes that if he grows big enough and becomes hungry enough he will be able to overtake you and devour you." He said, "Go home and kill your snake." The snake in this story represents secret sin. Many times in our life their are secret sins that we treat like pets, sleep with, and attempt to feed not know that one day it is the intent of Satan to kill you with your own secret sin while you sleep unaware. What do you need to kill in your life? Is it a relationship, pornography, masturbation, homosexuality, fornication, drugs, promiscuity, certain music, lying, cheating, stealing, envy, low self esteem, etc.,etc. Whatever it is, do it now. Do not pass go, do not collect $200. Stop, identify your sin, confess it to God, call it out, and kill it. Like a normal pet, a sin pet can be hard to kill because typically they give comfort or companionship. They can appear harmless, but the truth is a pet in the form of a secret, unconfessed sin will cause you your very life. Kill it today. I'm praying for and with you

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