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Valentines Day Sucks??

Good morning. So, I'm up crying about silly valentines day and how it went the same as it does every year. I don't know why I think things will be different or that he will care. (I should know better) But, right in the middle of these tears I began to say Lord I love you. Lord, I Love you. Lord I Love you. Trying to focus on the love God has for me, but my flesh feels weak and alone (like Adam (Genesis)) And, I'm thinking Lord, You said its not good for (wo)man to be alone and you love me and I love you. There's just this one part of me that longs for my husband who is so far away as he's not in my life. Then I wonder: why Lord,will You not join me heartwise with a man who does love and care about me romantically and is my best friend. Then in the middle of that set of tears, I think of you. And I want to call you but it 4:23 AM. I want to tell you that I love you and that you mean so much to me. I want to tell you that God does love us and He does see us. I don't know why He lets things happen this way. But we have to trust Him. He has prepared men for us that will not only love on us on February 14 but everyday. Soon, we will look back on moments like these and be even more grateful to God and thankful for our husbands. Until then, like Psalms 37 says, we have to rest in His arms. It's not easy resting in invisible arms but I don't believe God will let us live the rest of our days and not give us the desires of our hearts if we continue to delight ourselves in Him. I love you I'm praying with and for you. You are not alone. BigHUG Alicia Marie Some may read this and think I'm weak. I'm not because His strength is made perfect in my weakness. Thus, I am strong because He lives in me. Plus, a weak moment doesn't make you weak. It makes you human. Further letting us know we desperately need Daddy God. Some may read this and want to show pity on me. Definitely don't do that cause I'm not pitiful and pity is a slap in the face. Instead, I want you to pray for the women and men of God who are truly single and saved. Those of us who are celibate not ducking and dodging, chasing tail. See, it's important to me to even share a weak moment because it grants others who are devoted to Christ the opportunity to know they are not alone in their singleness. First of all, because God is with us. Secondly, because we are in the body together. Also, pray for the singles who aren't saved, pray for the singles with broken hearts, those who are knew to celibacy I know I'm praying cause I'm out here in the trenches with you. This thang ain't (Texas slang) easy but the benefit of knowing God deeply is worth this present thorn in my flesh. Again, I'm praying for you all. Today will be an awesome day. It already is. Because you are breathing. I love you.
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