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Forever Singlette ... Ties the Knot

God loves you. God loves me. God loves us. Within the last few month my life has changed like I never imagined. It's crazy how you pray and wait for manifestation (sometimes patiently sometimes not so patietly) and the very thing you saw and felt in the spirit is right before your eyes. As single woman hopelessly in love with Love and its possibilities, I watched movies, read books, and not so discreetly watched couples in love wondering often when or if I would get that opportunity. The opportunity to truly experience what it's like to be cherished and to cherish simultaneously. I joined one of my sisters in the Lord in prayer and like never before I belived that mine was on the way. Somehow, someway my spirit new he was coming and then he appeared. A movie couldn't have made the beginning of our story any better or more romantic as the first night he walked in and for some reason the person I had been around for 12 years suddenly looked brand new. He walked different, talked differnt, and had a maturity and a sparkle that spiked my interest. Truth is I always new he was amazing but it wasn't until God revealed that I wondered could this amazing be for me. We talked until the wee hours of the morning at my best friends house (that just so happened to be his sister). The next day we watched our first sunset and danced sweetly high in the air on top of the flat bed of the truck. Every day since then, I have been humbled by God and his Amazing Love. So many things have been revealed to me about myself, about life, and about God. God's Grace is so wonderfully overwhelming and His love allows me to see everyday that not matter how hard I try I will continue to come up short. I thought that there was something I could do to prove that I deserve this love, but there isn't. As matter of face I more easily prove why I don't deserve it but that's the lesson to be learned about real love. Real love that's source and being is made up of God continues despite how underserving we are that's why it bears all things, believes all things, and endures all things. In this season of life, with this beautiful blessing of love, it has been my failures highlighted that now cause me to love God all the more because I can't fathom how someone so awesome can love ... me. How someone so mighty gives so unselfishly. How God, my father, allows me to experience the blessing of love even though I haven't known what to do with it. Despite the fact, that I have more often tried to test it to see if I could find some place where love waned (which that doesn't exist). Despite the fact, I have tried to try to run away from love and accept something lesser because I couldn't forgive and accept that God truly does love me and that He his hearts desire is for me to accept the give of love. No Strings Attached. No take backs. Whoever you are. Wherever you are. No matter your fault lift up your head, lift your hands and surrender and accept that God loves you and there's nothing you can do about it (Romans 8:38-39). Nope, you are not and never will be perfect. BUT GOD loves you anyway. You can't change the past. (But God has already finished your Beautiful Future) Yep we both have done a lot of wrong, but lets choose today to repent (really turn in the opposite direction of sin Act 3:19) accept His love and move forward. The fact that God woke you up this morning means He has given you another chance. The question IS NOT does God love you. That answer is clearly YES. The question is WILL YOU TRUST HIM enough to accept the Love that He continuously gives... the love that He is giving to You right now. He had me write this again. Just for you! You are Loved Big HUG! (dry your eyes. go and sin no more John 8:11)

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