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Fighting Folk

Helloooo (Mrs. Doubtfire voice) Today, I want to encourage you with this devotional from one of my favorite books, "His Princess Bride Letters from Your Prince." Today's letter reads as follows: My Brave Bride, My courageous Princess, allow me to fight any and all battles this life brings you. I don't want my bride to exhaust herself fighting in her own strength. The battle you face, My love, is already won! Now step behind Me and let your powerful Prince shield you from the attacks of the enemy of your soul. Yes, I am your warrior and your protector. As long as you stand behind Me and let me fight for you, there is nothing that can or will overtake you. It is my pleasure to go to war for My Beloved Bride. Love, Your Prince and Protector. Whew! Go Daddy! Go Daddy! Go!! Man, that blessed me... As a person who in the past had so many defenses and walls up (I went from 20 to like 3... lol {real talk though}) it was so freeing when I finally realized I was wasting time and energy fighting folk. So many times after we are hurt, we (men and women) put the "S" on our chest or our Incredible Hulk suit on and try to go toe to toe with any and everyone who looks like they wanna hurt us or people we love. Hollering about we are ride or die. Girl or Boy, gone! Forget ride or die. I'm gone ride and live!! Ain't nobody got time for that. There is too much beauty and positivity in the world for us to be walking around constantly on the defense because we are in fear of being hurt ... again. God want's us to know that we don't have to walk around bound in this way because HE'S THE WARRIOR. God is prepared to fight for you but we have to get out of the way and let our defenses down. In Ephesians, were are told (in a nutshell) we shouldn't see our opposition as people but the adversary. If we could for two seconds stop pointing fingers, refocus and open our eyes the real battle we would have less drama and headache. Yes, people can be mean. Yes, they can be difficult. No, they may not always apologize. But the longer you focus on them instead of letting God fight,the easier it is for us to miss our blessings and our direction. And, the longer you hold onto the hurt the longer your will have to wait on God's promise to you. It is my prayer that we stop being the victim and become the victor knowing that if we turn our frustrations over to Daddy God, He'll put a whoopin' on them like no other. Our prayer for people hurting us should be that they find the peace of God instead of "God beat them up for me!" Because, if they find peace, you'll have peace. And, when you can pray for them some peace, you'll have peace because that means you're on the road to forgiveness; which is the key to peace. I pray this helps. I know it helped me. Took me a while but I finally got it and am getting it. I love you all. Let Daddy God fight.. and stop fighting folk. Big Hug, A. Marie

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