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You in mind... (dedicated to J. Renee)

When God invented beauty He had you in mind When He created magnificence He used your mold Then He broke it He breathed you in when He exhaled Himself out into your forever soul And smiled to Himselves saying That's my child My beautiful amazing gifted child My powerful spectacular resilient child My beloved child The one whom I created for Our pleasure Who will change the World Which will not like them And will constantly tell them that simply being them is not enough And that they will need to conform instead of transform daily "Lies!!! " God said to Themself I'll never make an inadequate creation All of my children are perfectly imperfect And Beautiful in their times with nothing lacking And nothing missing Except for when they are missing me. Then they are missing it all My children are Our prized possessions Especially the one reading these words I pray you know I Love you Cause I do so passionately daily foreverly And there's nothing you can or can't do to change it. I have purpose for you Plan for you Freedom for you But first just be you Come to me as you are Hug me where you stand. Today may have been intensely blah Or redundantly chaotic But you made it and I'm proud I never left. I heard your cry. But this is the workout for your Olympic purpose The push to your promised future. I know you get tired. And things seem unfair. But today is not forever I'm already in your break of day. Creating the dawn. Stoking the Light For you to see the way But I came back and I've waited for you all day just to say. I love You.

-Daddy God (via A. Marie)

Copywright Alicia Johnson 2014

Lead Me Back - Morgan Harper Nichols
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