Stay In The Know:

Alicia, the Pregnant Polar Bear

10:00pm. Tinkle

10:25pm Ferocious hunger

10:37pm Repostition

10:49pm Search for remote

11:01pm Quench Thirst

11:15pm Reposition

11:18pm Tinkle

11:30pm Heat Wave -strip down

11:45pm Reposition

11:54pm Search for remote

12:02pm Tinkle

12:14am Listen to Hubby's night song (lol)

12:24am Reposition

12:30am Quench Thirst

12:45am Reposition

12:47am Search for remote

12:59am Tinkle

1:00am Flip channels while repositioning

1:15am Kitchen Run for Grapes

1:17am Watch Baby dance in my belly

1:27am Recieve strong kick to my kidney

1:29am Tinkle

1:45am Reposition

2:00am Yawn

2:04am Dose off

2:08am Tinkle

This beautiful people is my nightly schedule give or take a few bathroom breaks and a couple repositions, lol. I, like this adorable little polar bear not-so adorably roll around, in, and out of bed to the wee hours of the morning. Eventually, I do fall asleep and then have some sort of crazy dream like the one where I was the horse mother of a flying mulitcolored My Little Pony that I have to save from an evil villain.

Looking back over the last few weeks, turned months, turned trimesters Baby Mikey and I have experienced a lot. From the nausea, to the intense back pain that had me crawling through the house, to the hosptial stay, the in and out catheter, the chiropractor (angels sing), the pre-term labor scare, the next hospital stay, and the now bed rest that laughter seemed to be a memory and all I wanted to do was for this part of my life to be over. I just wanted my son. But, as with any great blessing in life... no cross no crown. Nothing great comes without a little suffering and it is how we deal with that suffering that dictates how prepared we are for the blessing ahead.

When I saw that cute little Polar Bear plopping around, I saw myself and laughed and laughed for the first time in a long time for a long time. It felt good. So good that I shared the video with friends and family and they laughed too. The laughter became contagious and instead of my family tip-toeing around my pregnant self the laughter allowed them to come close leaving me unalone.

Laughter lets the light in and allows the love to follow. Laughter is a free stress reliever and glasses for the downcast heart. It allows us to exhale and lose ourself in the moment and is a vehicle that can drive us to a changed mindset. What you are going through is not permanent nor does it have to be forever, and it wont be forever if you can just change your mind. Yes, it hurts and sucks but moping will only dig your hole deeper and crying, while it is cleasing, if done for too long with drown you.

It is my prayer that over the next few days laughter over takes you and you find love again in life. I pray that through your difficult moment(s) that the joy of the Lord will be your strength and in turn the laughter His love brings will make your heart strong. You deserve to laugh and you will laugh again. Just be ready... Open up let the light in.



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