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A Song for Lovie

As a new mom there are lots of emotions that you experience. Most of them are wrapped up in trying to figure out how to be a mom and hoping not to hurt your baby in the process. The rest are tied up in the hope that some day soon your baby will know and love you. That at some point at the very least they will look up at you with recognition in their eyes.

After weeks of cries (both he and mine) This sixth week of my son's life has cause my heart to burst as I see in his eyes recognition and that my presence brings him some calmness. I am learning his cries and picking up on more easily what ails him. I can also move around more which means taking care of him and our home less difficult.

Today, there are lots of things that I need to do and that I could do here at home , but I'm so glad I did not do a single one other than sing with my precious baby boy. Each day together the connection between us becomes stronger and stronger. No amount of money is worth our time. I love my Little bear... My Lovie..

For all the brand new mommies if you haven't had this moment yet please dont lose heart it's coming. Very soon your baby will be crying in the arms of someone else and then he or she will hear your voice and light will fill their eyes. Then, their cries will pause even for a second and start again as now this precious soul wants you. Into your arms you will sweep them up and then... peace... calm... and their whole body will relax as now they are where they want to be ... with Mommy...

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