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The Stripper & the Drug Dealer #TRAPQUEEN #FettyWap

This post has has been brewing in my mind for weeks on the topic this cover of Fetty Wap's song "Trap Queen". The question came to my mind: Why do we feel the need to put down or talk negatively about the things we disagree with?

Now, while I am not a fan of Fetty or his Wap I cannot deny the beauty that is the melody of this "Trap Queen" cover. This cover sends my mind into a creative frenzy and speaks to the artist that grows in my veins. I turn it up loud and relish in the yumminess of the melodies and even the purity of the singer's voice. It sent me searching for the place I could download it so that I could hear the piano play the runs and arpeggios. When I first heard this song, forgot that it was a about a "successful" drug dealer singing about his stripper girlfriend who helps him breakdown and smoke the weed that the sells. She is the Queen of his Trap and together they are totally unshamed as they smoke through life buying whatever they wish.

As I was writing this post the first time, I couldn't write about the song without bashing or putting down the guy. I had all of these sarcastic sentences and wrote phrases like "There is no way" and "How could I possibly". But in the midst of my writing, I stopped and thought what did this guy ever do to me? Why was I so ridiculous to think that my negative words were warranted. Why even now did I still let the sarcastic description of him as "successful" slip from my fingertips.

I am not saying that I agree with the lifestyle that is celebrated in this song. I don't. However, I soooo enjoy this more beautified version and it got me to thinking about Jesus and how He dealt with people whose lifestyles he didn't agree with. I thought about his approach to the woman at the well, the woman caught in adultry, the rich young ruler, and many more. I recalled how He was patient, compassionate, direct, confident but not arrogant or sarcastic. We don't read about him bashing those who didn't follow him or saying "Look at this measly sinner. How disgusting!" Instead, he offered them the raw truth with the motive of love and the choice of eternal life in forgiveness and grace.

Jesus didn't look at the world and say "They should know better. They need to get it together". But He does say it to us the Chris Representers. #JonathanMcreynolds

Christ didn't and doesn't hold nonbelievers accountable for things they had not committed to be faithful to. When we read about Him flipping tables he was in the temple AT CHURCH which further lets us know that we must remember our job... Lead in direct love, grace, and truth. Jesus was not one who coated things with sugar but he didn't throw "slugs" either.

The truth is as believers we are all just a Trap Queen cover. Deep down minus the beautifulness of grace, forgiveness, and redemption we are no different than the drug dealer and the stripper. Lovers of "get rich quick schemes" and exposing whats most precious to us only to have it unappreciated in hopes of getting more. Many of us have sold lies that kills souls or spoke words that kill dreams. We, too, have taken something natural, broken it down, chopped it up, rolled it up and abused it to the point that we were left feeling like we trancended above the madness of life. But, instead we were only living in a haze. We have stripped bearing all and slid up, down, and around in hopes of finding a way out of a trap only to leave us naked and needing to help get up again. At one point of time, many of us put our bodies on display with the hope of obtaining love.

I believe we speak with such digust and disdain about others because we are trying to deflect from the drug dealer and stripper within ourselves. The one that was saved by grace. If we were peace minded enough we could speak of them and to them without trying to build ourselves up at their expense. We could in fact introduce them to an artist that can create cover in which makes their ugly (like ours) forgotten and melodious... and BEAUTIFUL.

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