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Can I Twerk?

Recently a beautiful young lady asked me to respond to the question "Can I Twerk?"

My first response was if you have the ability make your blessed parts move all willy-nilly like a hula dancer on steriods, (LOL!) then my answer to this question (in my President Obama voice) is "Yes you can!" Everybody can't move their body in such fashion either because of coordination issues, rhythmn deficits, or joint problems so get down with your bad self if you can! But, for my more seasoned readers please be careful because there are few things more humbling than hearing your hips, knees, and back cracking at the same time to tell you to straighten up and sit down. LOL!

I was so intrigued by the question that I began to search for video examples of the dance and quickly realized my own attempts to excute this dance were very verrrrrrry off base. In addition, I learned that this mom bod has joints that are rustier than Tin Man from "The Wizard of OZ". (I'll blame it on baby recovery) However, after expanding my twerk knowledge, I believe I can sense a deeper question being asked between the lines. Could the question also be that as a fun-loving lady who loves Jesus should I twerk? If this more detalied question is accurate, then my answer is a little different.

When I doing my twerk research, I found a few common denominators:

- Your face is the last thing that matters and often unable to be seen

(since your face is many times at shoulder level)

- Those most successful at twerking wear either skin tight clothing or undies disguised as shorts

- The lyrics to most twerk friendly songs are not the most uplifting to women

(Because trying to twerk to "Jesus is Getting Us Ready for that Great Day" is just not ok.)

- For most good men, twerking is not the skill that causes them want to commit to you

(though it will lead many men in general to consider you for sex)

After assessing my findings, it is my humble opinion that a fun-loving lady who loves Jesus can twerk without inhibition in the following four instances:

- For a fun time with Her husband

-In the privacy of her own home (not in front of men or cameras)

- In a closed women's dance workout class

- If by chance a lizard crawls down her back and she is trying to get it off. lol :-p

Beyond these instances I cannot justify shaking what one song calls your "money maker" (which I will use to further support my point as it alludes to being a stripper) as a good idea for a virtuous lady who cherishes herself. This is especially true if she wants a legit God fearing man to pursue her. Many may argue that its just a dance which is true. Others will say, "You can twerk and still cherish yourself.." This may also be true, but I can guarantee thats not what you will be communicating. Unfortunately, people are not going to conclude that you love you when bent over for all to see. I love dance because it is powerful and it speaks what words do not. Twerking says, "I'm fun in bed," and will have men (and women in some cases) chasing whats between your legs rather than in your heart.

I pray you hear my heart on this as I'm writing from my experience as a former club hopper who dropped it and picked back up with the best of them. (Back That Thang Up by Juvenile" was my jam). I understand that we women want to feel sexy but when you display your sexiness for all to see don't be surprised when offered only sex instead of love. Expect @MrStealYoGirl69 to hit up your DM with ridculousness after viewing that twerk video you posted on Instagram. Don't be surprised when ol buddy only invites you for Netflix and chill a couple times a week instead of a romantic picnic after you left it all on the dance floor at the party.

TWERKING attracts SEX not LOVE

Sidenote: If you're married you want to be having sex & the marriage bed is undefiled so TWERK AWAY!!!

(at home)

Before I go, I have a question:

If you are a believer, how does twerking affect your witness?

Will people say, " Oh yes! Look at how she twerks! That lady has got to know Jesus! I'm going to go ask her to pray for me."

Although I'm being comical, I really believe if you are of the family of faith this is the most important thing to consider. If we in this convo consider our Love relationship with Christ, we realize its not a matter of if I can; it is if I should... and will My Father be pleased? Will it make Him proud? I know Gary Lee Stoker (my dad) would be pretty angry and disappointed if he caught me or my sisters twerking in the club. I think it's safe to say Daddy God feels the same and for me that's the determining factor.

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