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Hello Beautiful people! We haad such a great response last time that I featured this GREAT Man so thought I would do it again! This piece is thought provoking and will generate all kinds of great conversation! Enjoy and comment below!:

Have you ever heard a voice inside of you call you to do something but you constantly fought against it?

The only thing is that the voice is telling you to do is not what is wrong but what is right. A “something” so right(eous) that you feel to unworthy to do it. So,you hide yourself in all kinds of situations to try and keep the voice silent. You submerge yourself deep into your job, and when not at work you find other things to keep you busy life your family or your hobbies or even just the tv. After all of those things stop working you may even find friend to hang out with and have drinks. Whatever you can find you do all you can to keep the voice quiet. The still small voice that wakes you up at night with scriptures, songs, devotional messages, prayers, praise and worship in your mind. The voice that nudges you out of you sleep and calls you to work for him.

But then one day, the voice is gone. After all of your efforts, the scriptures, songs, devotional messages, prayers and praise and worship swirling around your head it all is finally gone. But instead of peace and joy, all you have is endless pain, hurt and sorrow. You finally come to realize that it’s gone and now all you have is pain. Pain. Pain. Pain. Pain everywhere. Every step. Soon, you are tired of the pain. Even sooner you miss the voice that was once so persistent in your head. You long to get it back but what do you do? You try singing, praying, reading scriptures, but no voice. You sit in rooms by yourself waiting to hear a word but no voice. Then one day you say to the source of the voice, “ God, I heard you back then but ignored you. I ran from you then. I even tried to hide from you. I am sorry. If you still want me, I submit my life to you!” Then you wait and hope to hear the voice again because this time you will obey.

Kind of like Jonah…

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