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Becoming A Stripper

Hello everyone! This week I am soooo excited to present our feature writer because she is not only a dear friend but an AMAZING writer. I just know that you are going to enjoy her post! I know that I did!!!!! Don't forget to check out the video at the end!

Have you ever been trying to go to sleep and you start to feel this weird feeling because you are worried about things but you don’t have any solutions? You start to get anxious? You start to fear? You start to doubt? You get confused? You start to ask yourself questions like:

How am I going to pay for this? Will I succeed if I do that? Who is going to support me if I do this?

Lately, I’ve been having countless restless nights. I try to fight these feelings with scripture like:

1st Peter 5:7 “Cast all your care upon Him; for He cares for you.”

So, I go at it! Every little thing that bothers me, I start to just let the Lord know all about it. However, these feelings keep coming back. I thought that letting Him know my problems was the solution but it wasn’t.

The solution is being obedient to what He told me to do.

Before I graduated high school, I dreamed of being on Broadway. I remember praying and asking God what my purpose was the entire summer before going to college. I distinctly remember Him putting it on my heart to, “Create for Him.” I have done everything but that because I listened to other people.

But maybe, just maybe if I just did what He said:

All the worry, All the fear, All the doubt, Would pass away.

If I got busy working on the ideas he gave me, I would worry less about the cares of this world. If I focused on doing His Will and not my own, I would not get so distracted. The gifts we are given are given to us for a reason. We are expected to use them to glorify God and to help others. Stop wasting your life doing what people tell you is safe and trust that God will provide for you. He won’t lead you in the wrong direction.

This my friends is why I am becoming a STRIPPER!

That’s right for 2 weeks I decided to fast.

I encourage you to strip yourself from all of the cares of the world and allow God to pour into you. Things can change, the ideas will come but we are too distracted. Do you ever wonder why you haven’t completed that book, finished the degree, or completed any of your other goals? It’s because you lack focus. So strip yourself of things that do not benefit your purpose. Yesss honey take it off!!!

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