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The Big Fight

I pray the day never comes when you need this post, but I am certain since Daddy God burdened my

heart to write it that it will be needed sooner or later. He told me to tell you He loves you so much he had me write this for you.

We all have those days where we feel like if its not one thing its another. Days where it seems almost as soon as you see a strand of sunshine shinning through and a little smile starts to form on your face, Boom more bad news. (Cue the video!)

In moments like these when frustration, anger, and sadness seem to fight my hope and to add to that society seems like real life version of the movie "The Purge", [#PhinlandoCastile #SandraBland #TrayvonMartin #Dallas #BatonRouge #presidentialrace #icangoon] I can easily become like the character Evilene in this video (My favorite musical "The Wiz") as she goes around all grumpily singing to everyone don't bring me "no bad news".

Or, I get like Eeyore the endearing sweet but always somber. In either case, the fight back to my hope and joy is not easy and my poor husband rides the twists and turns of my emotional rollercoaster. But eventually as I fight for my happy through songs, prayers, changes of scenery and environment, and one on one with Daddy God, the dawn breaks and midnight beautifully and slowly turns to day.

There is someone reading this who unfortunately knows first hand what midnight feels like you because you are there now. I am sorry for your pain. I sorry for your loss, despair or disappointment. I am sorry you feel overlooked, unheard by God or misunderstood.

But I have something to tell you.

This too will pass. God is not overlooking you or standing by watching you idly. He has not forgotten you and he cares about your pain. He is going to take the pain away and soon you will be able to enjoy this life again. You can't give up even though you are tired and overwhelmed; joy is coming.

Healing is coming! The truth will be exposed. The growth is in the waiting even though it seems like theres no relief coming. This test of faith will be what allows you to grow and acsend into a better version of yourself... the best version... the you God has created. This is the place the purpose you wondered about will be made clear to you. This is the last wailing cry before dawn. Maybe not the last tear but the last big ugly cry. I know this process of ups and downs and disappointment seems unfair but soon you will be saying to another what I am saying to you today.

This is your time to learn and get to know God in a newer deeper way. You will soon find out how real He and his power are. So, when the voices in your head say God doesn't care. Speak back and say, "That is a lie from the pit of hell and I don't believe. Get the behind me Satan. In the name of Jesus". Say it and keep saying it until the negative thoughts are gone.

Fight for your happy. Cling to your joy. Even thought it feels like forever, this moment will pass sooner than you realize and then you won't be fighting for joy... You'll be leaping in it. Literally.

Fight for your life.

I love you,

Big Hug

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