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Beards, Tatts, Blacks, Whites, and Jesus

As a self diagnosed extroverted introvert I do things like get crazy engertic and hyper and bounce all over my family and close close friends but remain pretty quiet in most new public settings. I care nothing about chit chat but love having deep converations about life, love, self discovery, womanhood, and the importance of the presence bacon and ranch in mosty every meal. I love reading in public places but have a history of ducking and dodging from even people that I love in Wal-Mart simply because I just don't feel like talking. There's no love lost. I just don't feel like moving my face muscles at the time. However, on that same day I could home and put on a whole broadway musical in my bathroom.

In addition, I daydream frequently, so even though I may be staring directly at you when I walk in a room, there is only a 50/50 chance that I actually see you. The truth is while my eyes seem to be set on you, I am most likely thinking about my favorite old Kat Wiliiam joke (once you've heard one you can't get it out of your head) my list of mommy/wifey duties, candles, flowers, decor, or possibly nothing at all. Sometimes I need a mental vacay. lol

After I was finally able to understand myself and why I would pray for friends but hardly wanted to go anywhere or talk on the phone (I'm a texter by profession) and that there was a name for it, I was at peace. My comfortability with myself increased and my desire to step outside my comfortable boundaries decreased... dramatically.

Until recently...

Shortly after my recent "#Hashtag" post and vision of a unity community drown the creation of

something we now refer to as the Unity Project. To keep from going on and on I will simply say the Unity Project is a movement uniting people first in prayer and then in the planning of events that promote togetherness. The Unity Project has challenged me and my way of life sending me out into the world speaking to people I don't even know... and even in Wal Mart. *que dramatic music*

You see there was no way I could pray for unity, specifically among races, and not go out and extend myself in love. So, I've started with random hello's to strangers. If you know me you know this is pretty big. The reception overall has been pretty good (I credit that to southern hospitality) but there are some people who look at me as if I had three eyes and two noses all growing on top of each other in the middle of my face. Some even scurry away like mice away from the light in an attic. This will not stop me. Especially after making two friends the other night Ashley and Adam.

It all started with a random "Hey man I like your beard" from me and our shared appreciation for that night's beautiful sunset. By the end of a 30 minute testimony and praise session my husband, our son, and I stood had in hand with our new brothers in Christ praying heaven come down for another friend struggling with suicidal thoughts. Black, White, tall, tattooed, bearded, baby wearing, grocery toting, and Jesus loving. On lookers may have been taken back as we stood there hand in hand crying out to our Father in the parking and that's totally ok. Good infact. Because for that moment I believe Our Father's will was being done on Earth as it is Heaven.

So while I am still an extroverted introvert, I am now motivated and I pray moments like these happen again and again. I pray walls are broken down and we step out of our comfort zones and even our areas of influence in the name of love. If everyone in your friend group looks just like you shame on you. (one token ethnicity doesn't count...) Even though the government integrated society with act years ago, the evidence of segreation in our hearts has continued. We may not mean to as we naturally gravitate towards those with who we think we most relate. But that night was evidence again that we've got to go deeper and get outside of our comfort zones. So what if our friends don't first understand. We will only truly be equal and united when we lead and act in love towards all. Fear won't reveal truth. Hate won't change hearts. Apathy won't change laws. Sarcasm won't heal historical wounds. Love however will conquer all. #JESUS Post in peace.

Big Hug,

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