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Listen for the Tick

It's Feature Friday Yall! I have our favorite dad, My Dad with and awesome and thought provoking post! The questions at the end are sure to get you in first gear this fabulous Friday! Take care today and remember are Beautiful! (Yes, even the men!)

There was this farmer who woke up early one morning to go outside and do his farming chores. It was a beautiful morning with a glorious sunrise. The he was so invigorated by the beauty of a new day that he worked harder than ever before. So much so that he lost his watch. He was very saddened. Suddenly he had the idea to go down the street and talk to his neighbor who had a whooooooooole bunch of kids. His plan was to get the kids to help him find the watch.

When he came back with the kids and everyone dispersed around the farm looking for the watch. High and low. Up and down. Left a right. All of a sudden while everyone was looking a young boy walked up to the farmer and said, " Mr. Farmer what are y'all doing?"

The farmer replied, "They are looking for my watch."

The little boy asked, "Can I help?"

The farmer said, "Yes."

So the little boy started happily looking for the watch. Later that evening after everyone had spent hours looking high and low, up and down, left and right, the farmer called all the kids together, but still no one had found the watch. But the farmer was so grateful for the help he decided he would treat all the kids to dinner and ice cream. All the kids were so excited and ran squealing into the house. All but the little boy who came to help last. He walked right up to the farmer and said,

" I am not hungry sir and I do not eat ice cream. May I continue to look for the watch?" Astonished the farmer said, " Yes."

So the little boy went into the barn, closed the door, and sat on a box. Alone, in the dark and in the silence. He sat there still and quiet not moving an inch listening to only the loneliness of the barn. Suddenly, he heard a tick. Tick. Tick. Tick. The little boy eased of of the box and followed the sound of the tick to a haystack and begin to dig. Hay flew everywhere and every so often he stopped to listen for the tick.

Finally the little boy found it and immediately when to find the farmer. When he gave the farmer the watch, he asked the little boy

" How did you find my watch?"

The little boy replied, "I went alone to the barn alone and closed the door. I sat their still and quiet in that nothingness and listened then until I heard a tick?"

The farmer was astonished of what one boy was able to do that the group of them were not.

So, my question for you today is what is your tick? What is it the thing that you have lost that you want to get back? What are you willing to sacrifice to find it? What is it that you need to get quiet and alone in order to hear so that you can be led in the right direction?

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