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Fear is ...

There she stands barking snarling incessantly in your way. She intimidates you almost forcing you to stop, turn around, and run for the hills. She dares you to try her as her muscular jaws promise her bark is not worse than her bite.

0-11 is record she holds. The number of victories she has won over you in getting to your dreams. The number of times the fear of the pain of her bite has caused you to stop your progress and to even stop trying. She has sent you crying to your disatisfying satisfactory life where you hungrily curb your hunger pains with lunch meat.

You know you want steak. You are craving more flavor more out of life than processed meals with prepackaged sides. But Fear has done her job and kept you here and kept your desire to chase

​dreams at bay. You know that on the other side of Fear are your dreams made manifest. But she has been guarding the gate and blocking your way for months, no, years now.

​Its funny she used to be smaller but some how, over time, she has quadrupled in size. Perhaps, it was the bones you fed her hoping that as she chomped them down you could scurry by. But, like the clever beast that she is, each time she simply tucked the bone and ate it laying in front of the door... taunting you. Silly Rabbit you can't entertain or distract Fear. She doesn't just go away.

Fear my dear must be conquered. She must be faced. She must but put in her place and you are just the person to do it. But first, you have to get the her reflection out of your eyes. Ironically, everytime you have previously faced Fear she has seen herself (Fear) in your eyes and it has made her feel the need to self protect to self defend.

My advice to you is to take a moment and think about all of those you love and what they mean to you and how moving forward will change their worlds for the better. Meditate on love. Let it over take you and move you to action. Allow your heart, mind, and eyes to channel love so that you can change your ora. Feast on some Daily Bread and drink some Living Water it will give your body the strength you need. Then, as my dad would say "strike out!" (That means get going)

When you get there, Be Still for a moment and Be Slow To Respond to her. Keep in mind that she will still growl and bark but keep your mind on Love and Look Up. You don't want fear to get in your eyes. After a moment, she will see that this time you are not running away. Then, confidently face her but don't reach out wait until you hear a Still Small Voice. In this moment, you will feel peace (the wind may even sweetly blow) which will give you the courage to look down and let the Love inside you transfer to conquer Fear. Crazy as it sounds Love will put fear in a "sleeper hold" and cause her ferocious presentation to tranform into a beautiful calm. After Love conquers fear, you dear friend can continue on...

Big Hug,

Lead Me Back - Morgan Harper Nichols
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