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Daddy Advice: Dating

As the father of all daughters and two of them single, I don't understand why some single women are lowering their standards. I have been told that there are more women than men but that is no reason for a woman to lower her standards and self-worth. In today's society, there are all types of dating websites. But, I how a website can find someone their God given soul mate? The site may be able to find you a man, but my question is can it find you the right man?

Ladies, I hear it being said that you should "think like a man and act like a lady" to catch a man, but I believe that there are two problems with that. First, God did not put all of that beauty, feminine mystique, and intelligence into you for you to think like some man. Secondly, a real woman is not a bait on hook to be dangling herself around in the sea of life.

I believe that God has made someone for everyone. But, you probably have passed by your soul mate without realizing it because you were so distracted by something or someone else. I say this because at the age of 15 , I saw a beautiful young woman working in a restaurant. I was with my friends acting the way boys act and never said a word to her. Ten years later, I saw the same young lady walk by. This time, since I was by myself. So, I struck up a conversation with her and fate began to unfold. Who would of thought that I would ever see her again, but what God had for me was for me. Today, that young lady, RIta Stoker, is my wife of over 30 years.

What God has for you is for you.

In my opinion, a woman needs to hold herself up to the standard that God set for her. She should be who God created her to be and let His plan run it's course. A real man will have no problem walkin up to you and striking up a coversation with respectable woman that he is really interested in dating. A real man will have no problem calling a woman and talking to her. A real man will have no problem paying for the entire dinner, after asking her out on a date so that he can get to know her better. A real man won't hold that date over your head like you own him something. Instead, he will just feel blessed you decided to go out to eat with him. Oh, a piece of advice: make sure you meet him at the restaurant. Don't let him come to your place and pick you up the first time. And, it is still a good idea to ask around about the man that is wanting to talk to you.

As a father, I believe that a lady should never spend time with a man that asks her for help ($$$), uses bad language in her presence, never goes in public with her (during regular daytime hours), doesn't call and talk to her, doesn't pick her up in his car and drive her around, or can't pay for her dinner. I might be old school but the things I said above work if you stick to them. Trust me.

You should never compromise when it comes to dating. No matter if people say that there are more women than men... All you need is that ONE RIGHT MAN.

The Bibles says that we should be "equally yoked". This is what I say, "You can do bad all by yourself. You don't need any help to starve to death. You can do that on your own, child." So, don't think like a man. Just be the womand and lady you were created to be and everything will be fine.


G. Stoker

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