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Yoga pants are a Girls Best Friend

Today, I put on the most comfortable pair of pants and they are perfection. This wonderful article of clothing comprised of a heavenly blend of cotton and spandex pigmented in rich black, allows my young-ish mommy physique to feel stylish and comfortable while being chased in a game of Crawling Tag by my son. They are just the right fit as the hem rests wonderfully on the top of my foot and the waistband extends and hides my "tiger stripes" without creating even the smallest of muffin tops. I love these pants and I don't even know how I came to possess them. I know I didnt buy them. It's like they fell from the laundry clouds from above as a post Thanksgiving gift from the turkey fairies to allow me to go outside without a body shaper or having to do my skinny jean pull up dance. I know not why they are now mine but I am grateful for this little blessing in life called Yoga pants. Lol. Thank you God.

In a moment of life where I could complain about so many things, my yoga pants remind me that there are things to be grateful for. They encourage me in this moment when things seem overwhelming and nothing is coming together or fitting as I'd hope. They show me that there is a viable option and a way of escape from the constriction of everyone's

expectations instead of struggling and smushing myself into a form that is not my own. As I am on the way to the best me I can be, yoga pants help me to breathe and enjoy the simplicity of life. They let me get down and dirty without a care in the world. They are like the clothing best friend I never knew I could have. A reminder that there is good in right now.

Could things be better? Heck yea. But, if I waste time crying over bills and fat thinking that the two things are just going to go away that would be a waste of water. This is adulting. It's uncomfortable and forever changing. I spent my childhood wishing to be teenager. Then as a teenager I wished to be out on my

own. Then when I was single I wished to be married. Then, once I was married, I wished to be a mommy. I almost started wishing our life could be like those that I see around me but I wont. For the first time, I am going to live in and embrace the now. For this moment, in my yoga pants I will relish in my today because I know that one day I will wish I could return to these days. I will not spend my adulting doing anything but finding ways to fully appreciate life. I am going to change what I can and deal with what I can't.

Life is too short to always be wishing for different or better because better isn't always different and different isn't always better. So, with that being said I am about to get back to playing with my husband and my son before I head off to the gym. Because even though I love my yoga pants that doesn't meant I wont want rock some white leather skinny pants some day soon. Yep. #whiteleatherskinnypants

Big Hug,

A. Marie

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