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Just Asking for a Friend #affirmativeaction

I am honestly not typing angrily. I hope you hear my heart.

I started to make a Facebook status but right before I pressed "post" I thought about all of the brave ignorant souls out there who are just waiting to scream with their fingertips. Annnnnd, at the place I am mentally and emotionally these days, I know better than to open up this sensitive topic and send it directly to the masses. For one, I don't trust myself to respond graciously. Secondly, I haven't written in a while and that post was getting pretty lengthy.

Soooo it all started when this pops up on my news feed:

Really? Moments like these I don't even know why I continue to be surprised with the choices of this administration. I should be prepared daily for something outrageous to happen. But it never fails no sooner than my mind travels to a place and forgets who the president is, BOOM! Calamity! Frustration! Heartbreak... SMH

In a country that is teeming with discriminatory processes and systems that actually hurt large percentages of people, the policy they are led to combat is a one that was created to help those who are discriminated against have a fair shot against the racial biases of those doing the selection.

When looking at out across American schools, if Affirmative Action is really hurting that significantly why is the demographic of many of these entities still so monochromatic in composition?

If "preferential treatment" as it has been described (shaking shaking my doggone head) is truly impeding the success and is so overwhelming unfair in this one instance, why is does it seem okay in other areas?

Why does it feel like some people in this country can be openly murdered on video in real time and walk away with less than a slap on the hand.

How do two little girls get suspended from school for having the hair braided?

And, why in the history of this country have we only had ONE minority qualified enough to become president only to be followed a reality TV star?

In addition, what systems and mindsets perpetuate in even in less important areas where my beauty products are categorized as "ethnic" on a separate aisle while the others products are considered simply "beauty"?

Why is it that some people have to reconsider event certain names in hopes of giving their child a better chance of getting a job? (some names are just a hot mess though lol)

Finally, why is it that we are still celebrating minority firsts when this country is over 200 years old? What foundations and systems built the American governmental system that now feels threatened by ratio that yields a group of 5 different faces in a room 50 similar ones.

Finally (for real for real) How is it the individual who wants to "take this policy on is also the same individual who yelled out them most offensive racial slurs about several minority groups while boasting to making "America Great Again" (meaning lets go back to the good old days #precivilrights #prewomensrightsmovement).

Sadly, it is beyond me how only one generation out of segregation, in century where a man is violently drug from the back of a pick up truck down a dirt road in a small town because of the color of his skin, and in the same region another man is murdered for being in a monogamous interracial relationship we can really feel more pressed to address the unfair and unjust discriminatory policy of Affirmative Action. #sarcasm

Just asking for a friend.

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