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Hey Lady! (mommy encouragement)

Whoooa! look at you! You are so big!! Are you sure there aren't twins in there?


This post of is for all of my mommy friends who are being bombarded with opinions about your growing body. For those who are physically drained because the demands of life seem to be pilling up instead of slowing down. For those who may be feeling physically and mentally drained as the thought of your to-do list ahead feels like a daunting triathlon as you try to psych yourself for the day ahead. For those beautiful souls out there feeling less than beautiful as you try to squeeze into clothes that refuse to fit while images of sexy flat tummy-ed, taut bottom-ed, perky boob-ed, good hair-day having Amazons seem to surround you. For those of you who feel lost and confused as to who you even are and wonder who you will be after the baby comes. For those feeling guilty for the piled up laundry, messy kitchen, and for the lack of energy to do anything other than collapse on the couch. As you push yourself to play with your energetic toddler or meet the needs of your attention deprived husband, I'd like to encourage you give yourself grace.

You are one human being with another human being taking over your insides. At this very moment your body is working overtime to create another beautiful, amazing life. Of course you are tired! Of course you are emotional! Of course you feel overwhelmed! Of course you get pissed off sometimes! (especially trying to put on shoes.. lol) Your insides are being pulled and your outsides being pulled "every which-a-way" as my big mama used to say.

Even when those few unsympathetic gladiator women try to share with you of how they climbed Mt. Everest at 6 months or completed their 25th 5k in heels all while pushing stroller uphill. Give yourself grace. This is not anyone else's journey. This is yours and yours alone.... You are doing great! Shoot you are doing amazing! You are winning by just getting out of bed and putting on matching clothes. You are Beautiful! You are Freaking awesome!

To all of my mommy friends pregnant or not who may be feeling any of these emotions high five yourselves too! We have to stop comparing our journeys and listening to the negative and judgmental voices. Anyone who looks down on a mother putting in the 24/7 work of raising her children and caring for her family should not be given a single ounce of attention.

When you see a mommy chasing her toddler through the parking lot or trying to calm a two-year old in a tantrum. Smile at her and tell her it's going to be okay. Say a little prayer for her she's doing the best she can. When you see a mommy waddling painfully through Wal-Mart, Tell her that she is beautiful trust me it'll make all of the difference.

Chin up sister. You got this! If you have a six-pack 6 months post partum, are six month pregnant, or six years later are rockin' your mommy muffin top you got this. I'm rooting for you! You are beautiful and amazing. Never forget that. The journey you are walking through is yours alone not to be compared but celebrated!

Big Hug!

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