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 Hey Ladies I don’t know about you but I think the pressure we allow ourselves to be put under to quickly look like we didn’t just create the most beautiful little person OUT OF OUR FREAKING BODIES is tiring. 

God used us to take something we couldn’t see and turned it into something we are loving, holding, and never want to live without. We can love our bodies for what’s it’s done and still desire to refine ourselves into shapes we prefer. Last night as I was preparing for my night with Garrison I stumbled across a couple mommies on Instagram that inspired me almost to hopeful tears. They were beautiful, open, real, and at times whimsical. I saw post after post with the hashtag #this_is_postpartum and each touched my heart deeply. I LOVE the raw perspectives of the women participating in #this_is_postpartum. If you are in any stage of the postpartum journey check them out. 

Even though I don’t have the courage to post bare skin or the emotional breakdowns we experience like some of these courageous women, I want to acknowledge my postpartum truth. I’m simultaneously tired, overjoyed, annoyed, inspired, frustrated and full of love. My stomach is no where near flat, I have my linea negra, my c section incision itches and lights up like lightening, sneezing terrifies me (c section mommies get it) showers are sporadic, the girls are raw and working overtime, but I’m better this week than I’ve been and my favorite moments are when both my boys fall asleep in my arms... I spent 10 months creating life and worked and served my community till the end... this time right now is for me to learn about and to love on this amazing new person I get to have as my son while maneuvering being a healthy mother and present wife in a family of now four. I’m grateful for this time as Garrison and I are learning each other and connecting deeper and deeper everyday. He saved me last year and now he is my comeback song... #mamabear #this_is_postpartum #liveyourtruth #phoenixrising 

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